​​Unisys Computer Museum Belgium

Collection Jacques Laffut

If you want to travel back in time and find out how it all began from mechanical machines and electronic data processing systems to PCs, networks and the latest technologies, you should visit the Unisys Computer Museum.

More than 150 collector items including some unique relics from the beginning of the computer area are stored in this Alibaba cave cherished by Jacques Laffut, former Unisys employee, founder and curator of the Museum.

The collection was first shown in October 1989 to mark the official opening of the new Unisys building in Belgium. It all started at the end of the '60s when Jacques Laffut started to collect and restore prototype machines when the pace of technological change really took off. His principal aim was to build a permanent tribute to the memory of the pioneers, Burroughs and Sperry, who built Unisys, a sort of memory for the future.

The Unisys Computer Museum is one of the few officially recognized Technology museums in the world.

Since October 2016  the museum left the Brussels Unisys office and moved to Namen/Namur.

You find all the details on the Nam-ip site.

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